HearJoy helps you find the joy and freedom of hearing again.

We offer audiology diagnostics and hearing solutions that can reduce stress, fatigue and feelings of isolation associated with hearing loss.

Rediscover the energy and pleasure of social situations, talking on the phone and listening to music again. We are passionate about creating joyful experiences for our patients and will work together to find ways to reduce or eliminate the costs of our treatments and hearing aids. 

We Love Helping Our Clients

Jim “Bearcat” Murray was one of the most well-known athletic trainers in the NHL, working with the Calgary flames for years and helping them reach a Stanley Cup victory in 1989. He is a hockey legend loved within the NHL community and is considered a true innovator in his field.

After years of working in noisy arenas and suffering from hearing loss, Bearcat has taken the first step in improving his hearing health. At HearJoy Audiology Centres, we were honoured to help Bearcat with his hearing healthcare needs, and assist in improving his quality of life through hearing innovation.

Smart Audiology

The goal of Smart Audiology is to remove the barrier that has arisen in our modern era where so many sounds and communication come from a distance (mainly via electronic devices) instead of from people close to you. We can help you stream all the sound that matters.

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We are committed and loyal to helping our patients improve and overcome their hearing challenges. We understand that hearing solutions take different forms, and as health care professionals, we assess and find the best treatment for our patients on an individual basis.

My experience with Cherie at HearJoy in Calgary has been Fantastic!  She fitted me with a pair of aides after two other companies failed to fit me properly; And she did it inside of a week.  I would recommend anyone to HearJoy so you can get on with hearing life. 

~ Lynn

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